Ankit.S.George(Blue) and Zaubarek(Red)

Ankit.S.George is the heir of the Sebastian family fortune and a world reknowned boxer. He currently resides in the city of  Bangalore in India.

Ankit.S.George is the youngest boxer to get an active registration from the IBF. He was also the youngest boxer to represent a country in the Amateur International Boxing Tournament Held in Azeribaijan in the year 2010. He represented India in the 2012 Commonwealth Games.

He has an amateur record of 43 wins and 3 losses and a professional record of 107 wins and 1 loss. He is well known for his fast knockout hooks that his opponents rarely see coming, thus earning him the nickname "The Ghost".

32 of his amateur fights and 79 of his professional fights have been sealed with a knockout.

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