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Boxing at the
2008 Summer Olympics
Light flyweight
Light welterweight
Light heavyweight
Super heavyweight
File:Boxing 2008.png

The boxing programme of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China was held at the Workers Indoor Arena.

Medals were awarded in eleven events, with each event corresponding to a recognized weight division of male boxers. The 2008 games were the last Olympic boxing competition to exclude women, as the International Olympic Committee approved the introduction of female boxing events for the 2012 London Olympics.

Like other Olympic combat sports, two bronze medals are awarded; in the case of boxing, both losing semi-finalists receive a bronze medal, with no further play-off. As a result, the quarter-final essentially equates to a bronze medal match, a semi-final to a silver medal match, and the final to a gold medal match. 44 medals are therefore available, 22 of which are bronze medals.

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Light flyweight
22x20px Zou Shiming
China (CHN)
22x20px Pürevdorjiin Serdamba
Mongolia (MGL)
22x20px Paddy Barnes
Ireland (IRL)
22x20px Yampier Hernández
Cuba (CUB)
22x20px Somjit Jongjohor
Thailand (THA)
22x20px Andry Laffita
Cuba (CUB)
22x20px Georgy Balakshin
Russia (RUS)
22x20px Vincenzo Picardi
Italy (ITA)
22x20px Enkhbatyn Badar-Uugan
Mongolia (MGL)
22x20px Yankiel León
Cuba (CUB)
22x20px Bruno Julie
Mauritius (MRI)
22x20px Veaceslav Gojan
Moldova (MDA)
22x20px Vasyl Lomachenko
Ukraine (UKR)
22x20px Khedafi Djelkhir
France (FRA)
22x20px Yakup Kılıç
Turkey (TUR)
22x20px Shahin Imranov
Azerbaijan (AZE)
22x20px Aleksei Tishchenko
Russia (RUS)
22x20px Daouda Sow
France (FRA)
22x20px Hrachik Javakhyan
Armenia (ARM)
22x20px Yordenis Ugás
Cuba (CUB)
Light welterweight
22x20px Manuel Félix Díaz
Dominican Republic (DOM)
22x20px Manus Boonjumnong
Thailand (THA)
22x20px Roniel Iglesias
Cuba (CUB)
22x20px Alexis Vastine
France (FRA)
22x20px Bakhyt Sarsekbayev
Kazakhstan (KAZ)
22x20px Carlos Banteaux Suárez
Cuba (CUB)
22x20px Hanati Silamu
China (CHN)
22x20px Kim Jung-Joo
South Korea (KOR)
22x20px James DeGale
Great Britain (GBR)
22x20px Emilio Correa
Cuba (CUB)
22x20px Darren Sutherland
Ireland (IRL)
22x20px Vijender Singh
India (IND)
Light heavyweight
22x20px Zhang Xiaoping
China (CHN)
22x20px Kenneth Egan
Ireland (IRL)
22x20px Tony Jeffries
Great Britain (GBR)
22x20px Yerkebuian Shynaliyev
Kazakhstan (KAZ)
22x20px Rakhim Chakhkiev
Russia (RUS)
22x20px Clemente Russo
Italy (ITA)
22x20px Osmay Acosta
Cuba (CUB)
Flag of the United States.svg.png Deontay Wilder
United States (USA)
Super heavyweight
22x20px Roberto Cammarelle
Italy (ITA)
22x20px Zhang Zhilei
China (CHN)
22x20px Vyacheslav Glazkov
Ukraine (UKR)
22x20px David Price
Great Britain (GBR)

Medal tableEdit

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 22x20px China2114
2 22x20px Russia2013
3 22x20px Italy1113
4 22x20px Thailand1102
22x20px Mongolia1102
6 22x20px Great Britain1023
7 22x20px Kazakhstan1012
22x20px Ukraine1012
9 22x20px Dominican Republic1001
10 22x20px Cuba0448
11 22x20px France0213
12 22x20px Ireland0123
13 22x20px Armenia0011
22x20px Azerbaijan0011
22x20px India0011
22x20px Mauritius0011
22x20px Moldova0011
22x20px South Korea0011
22x20px Turkey0011
Flag of the United States.svg.png United States0011


File:Beijing 2008 - Boxing.jpg

Qualifying criteriaEdit

Main article: Boxing at the 2008 Summer Olympics - Qualification

A National Olympic Committee (NOC) may enter up to 1 athlete in each event. Nine places will be reserved for the host nation, from which it will choose 6 places maximum, while the remaining places will be allocated to the Tripartite Invitation Commission. For each athlete from the host NOC who qualifies through the AIBA World Amateur Boxing Championships, the host nation will lose a guaranteed place.

Qualification events are:

The quota awarded to each of the continents is as follows:

Event Africa Asia Europe America Oceania Host/Invitation TOTAL
Light Fly (-48 kg) 6 6 8 6 1 1 28
Fly (48-51 kg) 6 6 8 6 1 1 28
Bantam (51-54 kg) 6 6 8 6 1 1 28
Feather (54-57 kg) 6 6 8 6 1 1 28
Light (57-60 kg) 6 5 9 6 1 1 28
Light Welter (60-64 kg) 6 5 9 6 1 1 28
Welter (64-69 kg) 6 5 9 6 1 1 28
Middle (69-75 kg) 6 5 9 6 1 1 28
Light Heavy (75-81 kg) 6 5 9 6 1 1 28
Heavy (81-91 kg) 3 2 7 3 1 - 16
Super Heavy (+91 kg) 3 2 7 3 1 - 16
TOTAL 60 53 91 60 11 9 284*

* Two additional places will be awarded by Tripartite Invitation Commission, so the athlete quota will be 286

Participating nationsEdit

Nation -48kg -51kg -54kg -57kg -60kg -64kg -69kg -75kg -81kg -91kg +91kg Total
22x20px Algeria XXX XXXX7
22x20px Argentina X 1
22x20px Armenia X XX X 4
22x20px Australia XXXXXXX XX9
22x20px Azerbaijan X X 2
22x20px Bahamas X 1
22x20px Belarus X X XX 4
22x20px Botswana XX 2
22x20px Brazil XX XXX X 6
22x20px Bulgaria X X2
22x20px Cameroon X XX 3
22x20px Canada X 1
22x20px Central African Republic X 1
22x20px China X XXXXXXXXX10
22x20px Colombia X X XXX5
22x20px Croatia X X2
22x20px Cuba XXXXXXXX XX10
22x20px Dominican Republic XX X XXX 6
22x20px DR Congo X 1
22x20px Ecuador X X X 3
22x20px Egypt XXX 3
22x20px France XXXXXXXX X 9
22x20px Gambia X 1
22x20px Georgia X X 2
22x20px Germany XX XX 4
22x20px Ghana X XX X XX 6
22x20px Great Britain XX XXXX X7
22x20px Greece X X 2
22x20px Grenada X 1
22x20px Guatemala X 1
22x20px Haiti X 1
22x20px Hungary XX XX X 5
22x20px India XXX XX 5
22x20px Iran X XX 3
22x20px Ireland X X X XX 5
22x20px Italy XXXX XX6
22x20px Japan X X 2
22x20px Kazakhstan XXXXXXXXX X10
22x20px Kenya XX X X 4
22x20px Kyrgyzstan X 1
22x20px Lesotho X 1
22x20px Lithuania X X X3
22x20px Madagascar X 1
22x20px Mauritius X X 2
22x20px Mexico XXX 3
22x20px Moldova X X 2
22x20px Mongolia X XX X 4
22x20px Montenegro X 1
22x20px Morocco XXXXXXXX XX10
22x20px Namibia X X X 3
22x20px Nigeria X XXX4
22x20px North Korea X 1
22x20px Papua New Guinea X 1
22x20px Philippines X 1
22x20px Poland XX 2
22x20px Puerto Rico XX XX X 5
22x20px Romania XX 2
22x20px Russia XXXXXXXXXXX11
22x20px Samoa X 1
22x20px Sierra Leone X 1
22x20px South Africa X 1
22x20px South Korea XX X XX 5
22x20px Spain X 1
22x20px Sri Lanka X 1
22x20px Sweden XX 2
22x20px Tajikistan XX X 3
22x20px Thailand XXXXXXXX 8
22x20px Tunisia X XXX X 5
22x20px Turkey X XX X X 5
22x20px Turkmenistan X 1
22x20px Uganda X 1
22x20px Ukraine X XX XX XX7
Flag of the United States.svg.png United States XX XXXXX X 8
22x20px Virgin Islands X X 2
22x20px Uzbekistan XXXX XXX 7
22x20px Venezuela X X X XX X6
22x20px Zambia X XX 3
Total: 77 NOCs 29 27 27 28 27 28 29 28 28 16 16 283