In boxing, a gatekeeper is a skilful and well-regarded fighter, but who does not have the popularity or brilliance of a contender. They are considered to be a cut above most journeymen.


Gatekeepers often have the following characteristics:

  • they have the most impressive resume in regards to they fight the best fighters of their respective era
  • receive little to no press, and they are paid a fraction of what contenders are
  • are usually students of the game and love boxing immensely
  • are sometimes former contenders or top ten fighters who just fell short of their dream
  • tend to be big time stepping stones for other proven contenders
  • often were top ten talents who just never quite won a title
  • are relegated to fight other contenders to boost the contender's stock for a title fight [1]


The following fighters have all been described as gatekeepers:[1][2][3][4]

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