Personal information
Real name: {{{real_name}}}
Nickname(s): {{{nickname}}}
Nationality: {{{nationality}}}
Date of birth: {{{birth_date}}}
Place of birth: {{{birth_place}}}
Date of death: {{{death_date}}}
Place of death: {{{death_place}}}
Personal Statistics
{{{statlabel7}}}     {{{statvalue7}}}
Rated at: {{{rated_at}}}
Weight: {{{weight}}} lb
Reach: {{{reach}}}
Stance: {{{stance}}}
Boxing career information
 As player:
 As player:
 As coach:
 As executive:
 As administrator:
Roster status: {{{status}}}
Career NFL statistics as of Week {{{statweek}}}, {{{statseason}}}
{{{statlabel1}}}     {{{statvalue1}}}
{{{statlabel2}}}     {{{statvalue2}}}
{{{statlabel3}}}     {{{statvalue3}}}
{{{statlabel4}}}     {{{statvalue4}}}
{{{statlabel5}}}     {{{statvalue5}}}
{{{statlabel6}}}     {{{statvalue6}}}

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