The International Boxing Organization (IBO) is a for-profit organization that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards world and regional championships.[1]

Origins Edit

The IBO was founded in 1988 and incorporated in Illinois in 1992 by John W. Daddono. The organization was later moved to Florida in 1996 and incorporated in Florida at that time. Ed Levine, who continues to serve as the organization's President became a partner and President of the IBO in 1999.

The organization received acclaim by implementing a computerized system in the late 1990s that removed subjective elements from the ratings in an effort to bring more credibility to the sport. Many marquee champions have held and continue to hold the International Boxing Organization World title. However, it is a minor title within the sport of boxing, not being recognized by the IBHOF.

Past and current IBO Champions Edit

Past or current IBO champions include:

Current IBO world title holdersEdit

Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Strawweight 22x20px Hekkie Budler September 24, 2011
Junior Flyweight Vacant
Flyweight Vacant
Super Flyweight 22x20px Gideon Buthelezi November 10, 2012
Bantamweight 22x20px Joseph Agbeko March 22, 2013
Super Bantamweight Russia Alexander Bakhtin September 18, 2012
Featherweight 22x20px Simpiwe Vetyeka April 14, 2013
Super Featherweight 22x20px Will Tomlinson November 30, 2011
Lightweight Vacant
Junior Welterweight Russia Khabib Allakhverdiev June 20, 2012
Welterweight 22x20px Chris Van Heerden September 24, 2011
Junior Middleweight Vacant
Middleweight 22x20px Gennady Golovkin December 09, 2011
Super Middleweight 22x20px Thomas Oosthuizen March 26, 2011
Light Heavyweight 22x20px Andrzej Fonfara November 16, 2012
Cruiserweight 22x20px Danny Green November 21, 2012
Heavyweight Ukraine Wladimir Klitschko April 22, 2006

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