Mike Williams

Michael Anthony Williams (born June 16, 1962) Was a former boxer, his professional career went from 1984-2000. His professional record is 30-3 (21 KO). He was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Amateur careerEdit

Known as "Mercury," Mike Williams began boxing in 1981, and was considered to be a good prospect. He represented America in the 1984 Olympic games, and made it to the semi-finals. He turned pro after the 1984 olympics with an impressive amateur record of 33 wins, 6 losses, 1 draw and 28 KO's

Professional career Edit

After Williams turned pro in 1984 he was considered a rising prospect. He won his first 13 fights, including a win over James Tillis. In 1987 he stepped up and lost a split decision to former champion Tim Witherspoon. After his first loss to Witherspoon, Williams defeated some notable heavyweight including James "Buster" Douglas and Corrie Sanders. In the 1990's, he won the NABF heavyweight title from Alex Garcia. He retired in 2000 after a TKO loss to Lawrence Clay Bey, losing his NABF title. He had a record of 30 wins and 3 losses with 21 KO's.

Acting careerEdit

Williams portrayed fictional heavyweight champion of the world Union Cane in Rocky V. In the film, he was soundly defeated in 1 round by Tommy Gunn. After his win against Garcia in 1993, Tommy Morrison challenged Williams to a title bout for the WBO heavyweight title. The fight was going to be called Tommy Gunn vs Union Cane for real, but Williams broke his hand the day before the fight, and it never took place.

External linksEdit

Mike Williams (boxer) Wikipedia page


  • Named The Ring Magazine Prospect of the Year in 1986.
  • According to Bill Cayton, Williams once knocked down Mike Tyson in sparring.

Professional boxing record: Edit

Result Record Opponent Type Round Year Notes
Loss 30-3 Lawrence Clay Bey TKO 6 2000 For vacant NABA heavyweight title
Win 30-2 Albert "Hammer" Stewart UD 8 1999
Win 29-2 Fred Houpe TKO 1 1995 Retained NABF & NABA heavyweight titles
Win 28-2 Will Hinton TKO 2 1995 Retained NABF & NABA heavyweight titles
Win 27-2 Derrick Edwards KO 2 1995 Retained NABF & NABA heavyweight titles
Win 26-2 "Chippy" George Dixon KO 3 1995 Retained NABF heavyweight title, Won vacant NABA heavyweight title
Win 25-2 Terrence Lewis TKO 4 1994 Won vacant NABF heavyweight title
Win 24-2 "Scary" Gary Butler TKO 3 1994
Win 23-2 Corey Sandy KO 1 1993 Retained NABF heavyweight title
Win 22-2 Rick Hoard KO 2 1993 Retained NABF heavyweight title
Win 21-2 Alex García TKO 5 1993 Won NABF heavyweight title
Win 20-2 Jimmy "Million Dollar" Bills UD 8 1992
Win 19-2 Elvin Evans UD 6 1992
Win 18-2 Juan Ramon Perez UD 4 1992
Win 17-2 Russell Rierson KO 2 1991
Loss 16-2 James "Buster" Douglas TKO 7 1988
Win 16-1 Dorcey Gaymon TKO 2 1988
Win 15-1 Art Terry UD 10 1988
Win 14-1 Leon Dixon TKO 2 1988
Loss 13-1 Tim Witherspoon SD 10 1987
Win 13-0 Rufus "Hurricane" Hadley UD 10 1987
Win 12-0 Ken Elliott TKO 3 1987
Win 11-0 Billy Joe Thomas TKO 7 1987
Win 10-0 James Tillis TKO 8 1987
Win 9-0 Robert Obey KO 4 1986
Win 8-0 Tommy "Gun" Taylor TKO 5 1986
Win 7-0 Terry "Strong Arm" Armstrong UD 6 1986
Win 6-0 John "Rebel" Barbier KO 2 1986
Win 5-0 Carl "Sailor" Dorsey TKO 3 1986
Win 4-0 Ronald "Ike" Turner UD 4 1985
Win 3-0 Lorenzo Boyd KO 3 1985
Win 2-0 Guy Ramsey UD 4 1985
Win 1-0 Walter Ed Morris KO 3 1984 Professional debu

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