Mysterious Billy Smith
Personal information
Real name: Amos Smith
Nationality: Canadian
Date of birth: May 15, 1871
Place of birth: Little River, Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date of death: October 14, 1937
Place of death: Portland, Oregon, United States
Personal Statistics
Rated at: Welterweight
Boxing career information

Mysterious Billy Smith was a Canadian boxer. He turned pro in 1890, and in his ninth fight knocked out Danny Needham to win the welterweight championship in 1892. He held on to it until Tommy Ryan beat him on points in 1894. He won back the vacant title in 1898 by beating Matty Matthews, and lost it again in 1900 to Rube Ferns. Smith bowed out in 1915 when stopped by Jack Root.Born Amos M. Smith on May 15, 1871 in Little River, Nova Scotia, Canada. Adopted the name “Billy” before turning professional in 1890. He acquired his nickname when a newspaper reporter questioned, “Who is this mysterious Billy Smith?”

Standing 5' 8 ½”, Smith was a talented two-fisted battler with quick hands who entered the ring ready to wage war. He often displayed a blatant disregard for the rules, resorting to a variety of foul tactics including but not limited to elbows, butts, knees and sometimes even biting. His tactics earned him the label as “The Dirtiest Fighter Who Ever Lived.” Smith won the world welterweight title in 1892 from Danny Needham (KO 14) and lost it to seven-time rival Tommy Ryan two years later (L 20). He regained the strap in 1898 from Matty Matthews (W 25) and reigned for two years before dropping the title back to Matthews in 1900 (KO by 19).

Smith continued to box until 1915 and during his career scored wins over Young Peter Jackson, Young Corbett and Hall of Famers “Barbados” Joe Walcott and George “Kid” Lavigne.

“Mysterious” Billy died at the age of 66 on October 15, 1937 in Portland, Oregon, where he ran a saloon called “The Champion's Rest.”

Smith was notorious for having a very roughhouse fighting style in the ring and was disqualified 13 times, more than any other boxer in history.

Smith died on October 14, 1937 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

He was posthumously inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2009.

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