Rocky Balboa fictional fighter, with real boxing skills that could be used, such as training yourself "self taught", or if u have trainee, or trainer is best. For having knowledge is very important you see rocky grew up in poverty, Philadelphia,Pennsilvania very tough place to be, now u got to be a tough fighter because if your not you get knock outed you dont want to be known as this punk who has a soft spot. Your going to go out there in the ring and dig deep. as rocky would say as a thought. See rocky is a peolple champion but not from nothing, Apollo Creed underestimated the Italion Stallion"Rocky", and went pound for pound for the heavyweight championship of the world, in there home town but Apollo showed us the fighter he been when Rocky survived every round. If the fight would of been 10 seconds longer, we would have new champion. there other time this ts outta of same boxers but Stallion comes out on top and long time friend Apollo Creed dies tragically fighting, suffering the loss Rocky doesntshow fear he steps up a challenger he aint never faced before.

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