The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB) is an all-volunteer initiative formed in October 2012 with the intention of providing professional boxing with authoritative top-ten rankings, identifying the singular world champion of every division by unbiased reasoning and common sense, and to insist on the sport's reform. Board members are independent professional journalists, boxing historians and record keepers from around the world[1] who are uninfluenced by the traditional sanctioning bodies and promoters.[2]

TBRB championshipsEdit

The TBRB only awards vacant championships when the two top-ranked fighters in any division meet, and currently recognizes legitimate world champions or "true champions" in each weight class. It also presents the "successions" of these championship "thrones."[3] Three of its recognized champions were identified by The Ring magazine before the TBRB was founded. Thus, the TBRB was formed in order to continue where The Ring "left off" in the aftermath of the latter's purchase by Golden Boy Promotions in 2007, and the following dismissal of the editorial board headed by Nigel Collins.[4] After the new editors announced a controversial new championship policy in May 2012,[5][6][7] three prominent members of the Ring Advisory Panel resigned. These three members (Springs Toledo, Cliff Rold and Tim Starks) became the founding members of the TBRB, which was formed over the summer of 2012 with the assistance of Stewart Howe of England.[8]

The group also maintains a pound for pound list, which is currently topped by Román González[9] and official "monthly rankings" for record keepers and boxing historians.[10]

ESPN boxing analyst and commentator Teddy Atlas praised the TBRB's efforts on-air in March 2013[11] and again during the season finale in August 2013.[12] Several sites have adopted their rankings, including, The Queensberry Rules, The Sweet Science, East Side Boxing, Esquina Boxeo and Stiff Jab.[13][14]

TBRB Voting Panel membersEdit

There are currently 50 members representing 18 countries and a commonwealth on five continents: the United States, England, Italy, the Philippines, Ireland, Chile, Costa Rica, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Argentina, and Russia.[2]

No. Name Position
1 Italy Vittorio Parisi Chair
2 United States Cliff Rold Chair
3 United States Tim Starks Chair
4 United States Springs Toledo Oversight
5 22x20px Stewart Howe Tech
6 22x20px Rey Tecson Record keeper
7 Mexico Mauricio Salvador Record keeper
8 United States Ken Pollitt Record keeper
9 Mexico Carlos Aguirre Board member
10 United States Ramon Aranda Board member
11 22x20px Gonzalo Baeza Board member
12 22x20px Kevin Byrne Board member
13 United States Benjamin Smith Board member
14 United States Brian Campbell Board member
15 Canada Michael Carbert Board member
16 22x20px Lázaro Cárdenas Board member
17 United States Lou Catalano Board member
18 22x20px Abac Cordero Board member
19 United States Jose Corpas Board member
20 United States Jeandra LeBeauf Board member
21 22x20px Oliver Fennell Board member
22 22x20px Billy Ferguson Board member
23 22x20px Jeremy Foley Board member
24 Canada Andrew Fruman Board member
25 22x20px Paul Gibson Board member
No. Name Position
26 Canada Jason Karp Board member
27 United States Jake Donovan Board member
28 22x20px Alex McClintock Board member
29 22x20px Matt McGrain Board member
30 22x20px Yuriko Miyata Board member
31 Argentina Diego Morilla Board member
32 Argentina Gabriel Muhr Board member
33 United States Gautham Nagesh Board member
34 United States Arvin Nundloll Board member
35 22x20px James Oddy Board member
36 22x20px Takahiro Onaga Board member
37 22x20px Alister Scott Ottesen Board member
38 22x20px Harry Otty Board member
39 United States Matthew Paras Board member
40 22x20px Per-Ake Persson Board member
41 United States Alex Pierpaoli Board member
42 United States Adam Abramowitz Board member
43 United States Eric Raskin Board member
44 United States Victor Salazar Board member
45 United States Don Steinberg Board member
46 United States Brandon Stubbs Board member
47 Russia Alexey Sukachev Board member
48 22x20px Luis Torres Board member
49 22x20px Paul Upham Board member
50 United States Steve Zemach Board member

Current championsEdit

Weight Champion Record
Heavyweight vacant
Cruiserweight vacant
Light heavyweight Template:Flagathlete 25–1–0 (21)
Super middleweight vacant
Middleweight Template:Flagathlete 46–1–1 (32)
Junior middlweight vacant
Welterweight vacant
Junior welterweight Template:Flagathlete 29–0–0 (20)
Lightweight vacant
Junior lightweight vacant
Featherweight vacant
Junior featherweight Template:Flagathlete 16–0–0 (10)
Bantamweight vacant
Junior bantamweight vacant
Flyweight vacant
Junior flyweight vacant
Strawweight vacant


As of November 29, 2016.

Rank Boxer Record Weight class
1 Template:Flagathlete 44–0–0 (38) Flyweight
2 Template:Flagathlete 31-0-0 (15) Light heavyweight
3 Template:Flagathlete 29–0–1 (26) Light heavyweight
4 Template:Flagathlete 59–6–2 (38) Welterweight
5 Template:Flagathlete 27–0–0 (19) Junior welterweight
6 Template:Flagathlete 34–0–0 (31) Middleweight
7 Template:Flagathlete 7–1–0 (5) Super Featherweight
8 Template:Flagathlete 33–2–0 (24) Flyweight
9 Template:Flagathlete 23–0–0 (14) Featherweight
10 Template:Flagathlete 48–1–1 (34) Jr. middleweight

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