The World Boxing Foundation was formed in 2004 to sanction championship boxing contests but has a history dating back to 1988 via its predecessor the World Boxing Federation. The WBF was originally formed by Larry Carrier (the founder of Bristol Motor Speedway) and Ron Scalf in Bristol, Tennessee but is now owned and operated from Melbourne, Australia by Mick Croucher.

It is a lightly regarded boxing sanctioning body whose "world champions" often lack widespread recognition. WBF titles are often a stepping-stone for fighters who progress to more prestigious titles.

The light-heavyweight title was held by two well-known boxers; Roy Jones, Jr. and Antonio Tarver.[citation needed]

Current WBF World Title HoldersEdit

Weight class: Champion: Date won:
Strawweight (105 lbs) Vacant
Junior flyweight (108 lbs) Vacant
Flyweight (112 lbs) Vacant
Super flyweight (115 lbs) Vacant
Bantamweight (118 lbs) Vacant
Super bantamweight (122 lbs) Vacant
Featherweight (126 lbs) Vacant
Super featherweight (130 lbs) Vacant
Lightweight (135 lbs) 22x20px Chris Goodwin 18 August 2012
Super lightweight (140 lbs) Vacant
Welterweight (147 lbs) 22x20px Lovemore N'dou 10 August 2012
Super welterweight (154 lbs) 22x20px Henry Coyle 12 August 2011
Middleweight (160 lbs) 22x20px Les Sherrington 28 July 2012
Super middleweight (168 lbs) Vacant
Light heavyweight (175 lbs) 22x20px Soulan Pownceby 17 June 2010
Cruiserweight (200 lbs) 22x20px Michael O'Donnell 27 April 2012
Heavyweight (200+ lbs) 22x20px Kali Meehan 24 June 2011

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